Term 3

Week 2 Term 3

Good Afternoon parents, 


We have had a great first week back being explorers of space and learning about gravity. The children loved the library thanks to our fabulous staff members Mrs McLaughlan

 and Mr Nichols.



Book Week Activities:

  • Design a ‘Donated by’ label competition will be launched. The prize for this competition is to have your design in every book that is donated to our school library for the next two years (until Book Week 2022!)
  • Scholastic Book Fair: We will have a huge selection of books to choose from. Buy a book to donate to our school library. The library will be open for browsing and purchasing every day from 8.30 – 8.55am and 3.00 – 3.30pm and also after Mass on Wednesday
  • Book Week Parade starts at 9.15am on Friday the 31st of July, all parents are welcome.
  • The theme: Exploring the World…and beyond! Costume ideas: explorers, scientists, astronauts etc, and anything those people might travel in or discover in their explorations: Animals, creatures of the sea, planets, stars, microbes……the list is endless!
  • Children can wear their costumes to school and can stay in them all day. Please ensure that the costume is appropriate for the school day. 

Tristar Gym: Tuesday the 21st of July

  • We leave at 9am, please ensure your child is at school by 8.50am to ensure the roll is taken and students can be escorted to the bus on time. 
  • On Tuesday they need to come to school in Sports gear and stay in it all day. No need for a uniform. They can come in shorts or bike pants, a t- shirt with school polar fleece and track pants to keep warm. If they have the sports uniform that is great but there is no pressure to buy one. No parent help needed. 
Monday: Business as usual
Tuesday: Tristar Gymnastics: Please make sure children are here by 8:50am so we can catch the bus by 9am
Wednesday: School Mass at 9:00
Thursday: Trip to Stardome at 10:30am until 1pm
Friday: Book Week Parade at 9.30am, all parents are welcome. 


McAuley 1 and 2
Reading We are learning to use expression when reading aloud.

We are exploring the different ways we can talk like the characters in the story by identifying speech marks and exclamation marks. 

Mathematics We are learning to describe 3D and 2D shapes using geometric language (sides, corners, curved and straight). 
Writing We are learning to plan in detail to gather ideas and use these ideas in our writing. 
RE We are learning to 

→ identify Sacraments as special meetings with Jesus

→ Recognise Baptism as the first Sacrament which is celebrated in our family 


How to help at home:

Reading: Read aloud and ask questions about the text to develop comprehension.

Sounds: Practise sounds that they cannot identify. 

Spelling: Complete a spelling activity each night. The words provided are 5 from their essential word list that they spelt incorrectly and the last 5 are based on the sounds they learnt this week. The last 5 words students can also be encouraged to create their own words based on the sounds they have learnt. Activities will be provided in their spelling book.  

Handwriting: self correcting them if letter formation or numeral formation is incorrect. Encourage writing in lowercase unless the capital letter is needed. 


→ practice skip counting in 2s,5s, and 10s. 

→ Continue practicing the counting on strategy

→ Number sequence to 100 forwards and backwards (starting at random numbers)

→ Counting to 100 and beyond

→ Ordering random numbers

→ Different combinations of numbers to make 10 and 20 e.g. 10 and 9 = 19, 3 and 7 = 10

→ Different combinations of numbers to make 100