Newsletter Week 10 Term 3

Good Afternoon parents,

The children in McAuley 1 and 2 wrote amazing reports on their chosen topics and how they care for the school. It was great to see the ideas generated being transferred into their writing and the children choosing specific vocabulary that links to their topic. In Inquiry the children enjoyed labelling a rocket and making rockets. Our favourite part was when the students compared the distances their straw rockets could fly!



  • Mercy Week: Next week we will celebrate Mercy Week as usual next week. Unfortunately due to the uncertainty around Alert Levels we have had to take the decision to keep celebrations in-house; parents will not be able to attend our Mercy Day as usual.  The Liturgy (performed by the Year 6 students)  will be recorded and uploaded on to the school website for parents to view.


  • As you know Annette Wilson is retiring at the end of the year. We will hold an official farewell for her on  Friday 27 November.  Please mark this date on your calendar as we would like our school community to be present at this very special event if the Covid Alert Level allows us to do so.


  • Children’s Safety: The broken yellow lines on Banff Avenue are not for parking or stopping. We would like to trial setting up a coned off space outside the gate where I stand to welcome children and families. Please use this space to quickly drop your child in the morning.  This is a plea for the safety of all children and I hope all parents will adhere to this.


  • Mufti Day: Next Friday is the last day of Term 3 and as usual it will be a mufti day. Children come to school in normal clothes (not school uniform) but this time we won’t be collecting money as we are not fundraising for any charity organisation.  The PTFA  have asked instead for food or drink items – see their notice in school newsletter.




Business as usual


Business as usual


Business as usual


Library (please bring you books to return)


Mufti day (wear casual clothes and refer to above notices for donation)


McAuley 1 and 2


We are learning to make connections to self, texts and the wider world when we read.


We are learning to further develop our place value on numbers to 100 and beyond.


We are learning to write for enjoyment using specific vocabulary that links to their topic.


We are learning to

→ recognise what is meant by a privilege and a responsibility

→ identify some privileges and responsibilities they have as part of their family – Whanau

→ demonstrate a sense of responsibility for their belongings

→ identify the privileges and responsibilities of belonging to a school

→ demonstrate respect for class or school property


We are learning to

→ Identify constellation (Star formations)

→ recreate a constellation


How to help at home:

Reading: Read aloud and ask questions about the text to develop comprehension.

Sounds: Practise sounds that they cannot identify.

Spelling: Complete a spelling activity each night. The words provided are 5 from their essential word list that they spelt incorrectly and the last 5 are based on the sounds they learnt this week. The last 5 words students can also be encouraged to create their own words based on the sounds they have learnt. Activities will be provided in their spelling book. 


→ generating ideas in a plan and turning these ideas into simple and compound sentences.

→ Write more then one sentence for each Idea (Elaborate on one idea)


→ practice skip counting in 2s,5s, and 10s.

→ Continue practicing the counting on strategy

→ Continuing practising the counting back strategy

→ Number sequence to 100 backwards (starting at random numbers)

→ Recognising random numbers

→ Different combinations of numbers to make 10 and 20 e.g. 10 and 9 = 19, 3 and 7 = 10

→ Different combinations of numbers to make 100 (40 + 60 = 100)

→ Recognise fractions in the real world (½, ¼, ⅛, 1/5 , 1/3)

→ Flash card basic facts for addition and subtraction equations (need to know instantly) e.g 5 + 3 =8, 5 – 3 = 2)

→ Estimate and compare different capacities of different objects (could do this with cooking)

→ Order and compare different Mass.



Distance Learning Term 3