Reporting to Parents

It is important to us that parents/caregivers keep themselves fully informed as to how their children are progressing at school. The following approach assists this process:

Contact Books: Children’s working Literacy and Maths books are sent home during Term 3. In these books parents/caregivers will find their child’s work for the year to date. These books will include the student’s goals, teacher’s feedback and then comments to feed forward.

Throughout the year you should see consistent monitoring of students’ work by both student and teacher. There will also be an opportunity for you as parents to comment constructively on your child’s work with reference to their goal setting.

Parent/Teacher Conference: Parents and teachers meet by appointment at the end of Term 1 to discuss the children’s progress.

Three-Way Conference: In Term 2 the children lead their parents and teacher in a three-way conference. Prior to the three way conference a written report of your children’s progress to date is sent home which may contain points for discussion in the three way conference.

Written Report: A written statement of children’s progress is sent home at mid-year (June/July) and the end of the year (December).