Special Character

Founded in 1921, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School has also previously been known as Epsom Convent and Holy Cross Convent.

The Sisters of Mercy taught at the school until 1978. The school celebrates the Sisters, their Irish Founder Catherine McAuley, and Cecilia Maher, who led the first sisters to New Zealand in 1850, every year on Mercy Day – 21st September.

The school’s values are based on the Mercy values of Truth, Justice and Compassion.

The School day begins in each classroom with prayers, often lead by the children, and prayers are also said before lunch and at home time.

Each class has the opportunity to lead Mass in the Church at 9.00am on the last Wednesday of the month, and are joined by the rest of the school, parents and friends. Twice during the year the school leads the 10.00am Sunday Mass and every child is expected to attend with their family.

The Staff gather together every Friday morning for prayer before school and the classes take turns to lead the prayer at Assembly every Friday.

The school teaches the New Zealand Religious Education Curriculum, which emphasizes the partnership between Parents, School and Parish in a child’s Catholic Education.

The Sacramental programme is taught in the Parish community and lead by our Parish Priest. This programme recognises the importance of parents as the first teachers of their children.

Every year we raise funds for a Mercy School in Samoa, and every second year we support a charity within New Zealand, such as a school in the North, Kids Camps in Northland, or any other need that arises.