Dear parents / caregivers
As you will be aware there is an outbreak of measles in Auckland.  We have been advised by Dr Julia Peters, Clinical Director of Auckland Regional Public Health Service, that as a school we do not need to undertake any action unless a case of measles is confirmed within our school community.

General Practitioners (family doctors) have been asked to check if any patient with confirmed measles attends a school, and if so, instruct the parents to advise the school, along with the infectious period. This also applies to staff members at schools.

If your child is suspected of having measles, you must inform the school and your child needs to stay at home while tests are being carried out.  This is essential to ensure the safety of all our children and staff.  Please see the attached flyer with information about immunisation.

In the meantime we are checking our records to ensure that all our students are fully immunised to 5 years.  If we do not have this information we will be contacting you directly.

We rely on your co-operation in this matter and thank you for your support.
Kind regards
Mini Joseph, Principal

Our Lady Sacred Heart School (Epsom)